Established in 1989, Air Wise is one of North America's leading manufacturers of custom air handling units. As a fully custom AHU manufacturer (gas heat, DX, heat recovery, controls, etc), Air Wise can build units for all environments and applications to meet clients' needs and design requirements.

Air Wise AHU 1
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Recognized across North America as a leader in custom gas heat/DX/heat recovery and controls, Air Wise Sales Inc. is the partner of choice for many commercial and industrial owners, engineers, and contractors on their critical applications

Why Air Wise Sales Inc.

Building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever before. Air Wise can help you build on your past and prepare for future.

Reliable and collaborative process

We work closely with your project team to design and build your custom air handling units. From customized solutions to quality products and cost competitive delivery, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your goals and expectations.

Customer service

Our number one priority is our customers. Our team offers a positive, worry-free experience through accurate and timely design, coordination, and communication.

Experienced team

Our team of seasoned professionals has decades-long experience designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining HVAC systems across North America. With the knowledge and skills available in-house, we understand your needs and your challenges and are prepared to meet them head on.

Industry-leading capabilities

Our well-organized manufacturing facilities in Dundas, ON and Edmonton, AB can flexibly process all your orders according to your schedule.

Our products

Being a custom manufacturer, Air Wise Sales Inc. can offer a wide variety of construction types, materials and sizes. Constrained only by proper air flow and engineering, Air Wise can meet the demands of the most challenging of projects. We are able to work with a wide variety of suppliers for components to meet both specifications and budgets.

Air Wise’s custom air handling units offerings are categorized based on the heating source, as noted below:



Direct Gas Fired Burner



Indirect Gas Fired Burner



Hydronic or Electric Heating

Our Custom Options

As a fully custom manufacturer of air handling units (AHUs), we are capable of building AHUs with a variety of configurations, components, and materials to meet all our customers’ needs.

Industry-leading capabilities

You can trust that your high-quality equipment is backed by an experienced team, a reliable and collaborative process, and industry leading capabilities.

Listed below are some of the custom configurations and options offered by Air Wise:

  • 1_0000_Layer 8

    Casings Construction Options

    • Foam insulated panel (1”, 2”, and 3”)
    • Fiberglass insulated panel (2” and 4”)
    • Neoprene insulated panels
    • Thermal break construction
    • Single, side-by-side, and stacked air tunnels configuration
    • Structural steel channel or formed galvanized channel base
    • Galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum construction options
    • Solid and perforated liners
    • Roof curbs (standard and plenum curbs)
    • Custom paint
    • Galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum coil racks
    • Outdoor construction with siding
    • Intake hoods and louvers

  • 1_0001_Layer 7

    Heating Options

    • Certified indirect gas-fired burners (TBI-Series)
    • Certified direct gas-fired burner (MN-Series)
    • Hydronic coils (NJ-Series)
    • Electrical heater (NJ-Series)

  • 1_0006_Layer 2

    Electrical and Controls

    • ETL Certified Electrical panels (Single Point Power Connection available upon request)
    • Packaged/factory mounted stand-alone DDC Controls
    • Fully custom controls system to meet BMS Sequence of Operations
    • Controls (BACnet MSTP/IP; other communication protocols are available)
    • Lights and receptacles
    • VFDs (Harmonic & VT/DT Filters are available upon request)

  • 1_0004_Layer 4

    Cooling Options

    • Hydronic coils
    • DX coil with a remote condenser
    • Packaged air-cooled DX condenser
    • Packaged water-cooled DX condenser
    • Heat pump
    • Packaged chiller
    • Evaporative media
    • Dehumidification (desiccant and re-heat options)
    • Digital scroll compressors with up to 10% turndown
    • Full -40 degree F low ambient cooling

  • 1_0003_Layer 5

    Heat recovery Options

    • Heat wheels (VFD and by-pass options)
    • Heat pipe systems (face and by-pass option)
    • Plate heat exchanger (by-pass option)
    • Run-around coil loops
    • High efficiency enthalpy core heat exchanger

  • 1_0002_Layer 6

    Fans and Motors Options

    • Belt and direct drive fans
    • ODP, TEFC, and U-frame motors
    • Integrated airflow measuring station
    • Seismic 1” or 2” deflection spring isolation
    • Inertia bases

  • 1_0005_Layer 3

    Factory Testing Capabilities

    • Casing leakage testing
    • Inhouse or third-party acoustic testing
    • Panel deflection testing

  • 1_0005_Layer 3

    Other Options

    • Humidification (STS, GTS, electric, and adiabatic)
    • Sound reduction (silencers, perforated liners)
    • Fan array
    • Motor removal I-Beam
    • Pleated, cartridge, bag, and HEPA Filters
    • UV and Ionic air purification
    • Air Blenders
    • Knock-down constructions
    • Service corridors, vestibules, and platforms
    • Coil drops complete with balancing valves