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Condensation occurs when warm, moist air meets a cold surface.  In a water treatment plant, the same occurs, with the water in the pipes being cooler than the surrounding air, and thus causing condensation to form. This condensation causes corrosion of pipes and electronic equipment as well as mold growth and faults caused by condensation on UV scanners.

effects of uncontrolled humidity

Uncontrolled Humidity in Sewage and Water Treatment Plants can cause many issues. The moist air within the space condenses on pipes, tanks, valves, pumps, walls and any other cold surfaces.  The condensation then causes the following:

  • Corrosion
  • Deterioration of paint
  • Rusting
  • Malfunctioning electronical components
  • Operational disturbances
  • Unplanned stoppages
  • Discolored drinking water
  • Structural site failures
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solution: dehumidification

By lowering the relative humidity to a level with a lower dewpoint, the condensation stops. The dehumidification of a water treatment plant or pumping station has numerous advantages:

  • Prevent condensation
  • Corrosion prevention
  • No mold and mildew growth
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved hygienic environment
  • More comfortable with a greatly reduced odor.
  • Energy savings through reduced ventilation
  • Effective even at low temperatures
  • Consumes less energy
  • Reduced problem with mosquitoes – a dry environment is no place for mosquitoes
  • A greatly reduced attack from sulphuric acid
  • Electrical equipment such as cables and contacts are protected
  • Makes painting in summer possible
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relevant case studies


“To avoid rust requires an environment of 50% RH. As Munters has worked with dehumidification since the 40’s, we installed their dehumidifiers in our two largest reservoirs, and have more than halved energy consumption in each building, from 40,000kWh to 18,000kWh.”


“The investment has paid for itself in less than a year. We are very satisfied! We have a completely different climate in our buildings, much fresher and corrosion has stopped. Also, our alarm devices are no longer affected by the moisture.”